What's Cooking

No matter the size of your yard (and ours is postage-stamp size), the easiest and most usable things you can plant are green onions!

(...which are simply regular onions planted close together.)  I plant mine in containers and it's a pleasure to be able to run outside and grab a few for a recipe.

I've mentioned before that Mike loves salmon patties. I chop about a half cup of green onions and pepper (whatever's on hand).

Add a half cup of mayo and a couple of dashes of cayenne peppa. 

Add to the mix a couple of (large) packets of salmon (I prefer packets over canned salmon because they don't have bony stuff), a couple eggs and a half cup of bread crumbs.  I used a combo last night of bread crumbs and panko, 'cause that's what I had. Seasoned or plain - whatever you'd prefer. 

Squirt some olive oil in a pan over medium heat...

...add a bit o' butter...

...make patties and roll 'em in more bread crumbs, and plop 'em in the pan. I usually end up with seven decent-sized patties.

 Oh! I almost forgot -