Good Reads

I picked up this book on the way to Florida last week, and it was a perfect traveling read. The brilliant William F. Buckley and his socialite wife died within a year of each other, rendering their son (an only child) a 55-year old orphan.
The book was a riot at times (I enjoyed reading it aloud in the car, and we all roared), and, of course, poignant, but it was the type I could handle (anyone who knows me knows I can't handle much - no Beaches or Bucket List for me!).

Keep in mind that unless you have a giGANTic vocabulary, you may want to keep a pad and paper nearby for a list of words or references you'll want to look up. In spite of that, the book's an easy read and beautifully written.

Here's my New Year's do-something-productive-and-life-changing-for-at-least-a-month book.

So far, so good!

My current armchair-traveling book. I read the Reader's Digest version of it as a teenager, and the full version showed up at the thrift store, so I snagged it. A rolicking read!

This is an excellent book and a group of us at church will be going through it together in a couple of weeks.

Got this for Christmas from my family (she's my favorite TV chef) and tried a recipe already - scrumpTIOUS. I'll be posting it on the recipe page soon.