February 19, 2008

Now that I have finally caught up to the rest of civilization and have a blog, my mind is a complete blank. I have nothing to say! There is nothing of interest going on in my life, in my day! Wait...this can't be right...normally my life is a beautiful, jumbled mess of frenzied activity, mishap and adventure! But is it only like this to me? Can it possibly be of any interest to anyone else? At least I have a few doting relatives. So here goes!

Well, maybe tomorrow...

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readmama said...

I love the colors!!!!

I love the chocolate!!!!

And I'm sure your life is extremely interesting, so just tell us about it already!!!!

But hey -- no good trying to fool anybody on that whole "stretched photo" thing -- we know that's really how wide your face is, Mel! ;-)

Come visit me at my blog, too -- though it is totally still in the process of being built. And yours is way nicer already -- I am jealous!