I love working at our thrift store - the treasures! The trash! The inexplicable oddities! Yesterday (at home) I sorted through a pile of 20 Barbie dolls and over 35 outfits and accessories. It would have been 21 dolls if Buddy hadn't snatched one when I wasn't looking. The poor thing has teeth marks all over her legs and a very damp outfit!

I got to dig through an old jewelry box of junk, and pore over a box full of vintage Christmas decorations. What fun! And of course, my all-time favorite "stuff" to sort through and display is BOOKS. This week we received lots of great kids' classics and a large number of oil painting books.

Here are some pics of the store taken this week. One of these days I'll update the thrift store page on the website (once Little Bubba - my lovely daughter - teaches me how to do it now that they've changed the procedure), but it's a lot like housework: easy to put off!

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readmama said...

Ok, I **need** to come to your thrift store, Mel. It is so much nicer than any of the thrift stores we have in our town! What fun for you!

But you are no longer allowed to claim you are disorganized. I don't **believe** you. You are just like me -- selectively organized when you have to be. ;-)

Love, Kim