Kiki's Latest Trip to the Vet (foot booboo)

"Oh no you di’int”

"First they get a dog and now this."

“I could take it off if I wanted to.”

“I am Kiki, queen of the Nile...bow or be clawed.”

“I’ll get you, my pretty.”

“At least it’s not a polyester pantsuit.”

“Managed to get this thing off – buried it in the litter box, but they found it. Better flush it next time.” (true story)


Modemom said...

Kiki called me while you were out, hoping to get some sympathy from me since I was the one who gifted her to Li'l Bubba many years ago. She wanted to express her humiliation at the audacity of ya'll putting that thing on inside out! I quote, "The Queen of the Nile wouldn't be caught dead with the tag showing outside her Carolina blue, pure silk collar. Goodness sakes!"

Tina said...

Awe Poor KiKi!!!!! Its no fun wearing blue when your a queen! We have such fun with all our feline furbabies. They are the humor in our day.

Collin said...

Very funny miss melanie i like the litterbox one i like ,collin

Melissa said...

Your camera manufacturer called saying they want the camera back - Kiki." Very cute picures! Poor cat!

Melissa said...

Ok. Let me try again because obviously my mental spell-checker wasn't working in the last comment. Ignore the quotation mark, and put a "t" in picures. Thanks. I just couldn't let it go.