Busy as a Bee

Update on the last several weeks (we've been b-b-b-busy!):

Kiki got the collar off and hid it well this time. Walked around for two days with a smug look on her face.

Between the 90 degree temps and the crowds and loud booms and crackles, it took Buddy a while to recover from Saturday night's adventure to the fireworks at the riverfront. His tongue had a big workout after the walk there.

We had to carry him all the way home afterwards, where he drank a gallon of water and pestered Little Bubba all night to be let out.

Our friend Melissa's son offered to carry all five chairs for the 1/2 mile walk.

He adjusted his method now and then.

More adjustment!

When we arrived back home, Melissa headed straight for the air conditioner!

I had a great couple of days with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Bob who stopped in on their way north. They are fun people - always have been! We yakked and laughed and yakked some more.

Turns out Aunt Laurie and I share more than a few genes:

With the heat wave we've been having (in the 100's), we're having quite a time with power outages and weak power - can't even use the toaster without the circuit flipping. At one point, I went outside, flipped the circuit back on, and couldn't make it back in the house without hearing flip back off again - three times.

On a brighter note, my container garden is flourishing and I can't keep up with it! I've given up trying to eat my way through the lettuce.

Got lots of chives and other herbs, although I let the dill go to seed. Don't use it so much - I mostly like to smell it!

Stupid slugs keep eating the strawberries on the ground, and birds like the ones in the hanging baskets. But the few I get are delish!

Soon we'll be overrun with tomatoes. Can't wait. Perfect tomato sandwich: white bread, Duke's mayo, salt and thick-sliced garden tomato!

Summer squash is coming along.

Onions, too. The flower is so pretty that I let them go to seed. I threaded the one on the right, but the one on the left wove its way through the lattice itself!

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