Happy Anniversary to Us!

How can I possibly express in a small paragraph, in this obscure little blog, the gigantic awesomeness of the last 23 years of marriage to this unique man??

It’s been an amusement park, an Indiana Jones movie and a trip to the moon all wrapped up in a hurricane. Add lots of laughter (and I mean belly-aching laughter) and stir, and you’ve got a little glimpse of our life over the last couple of decades.

This guy and I complement each other perfectly, too.

He kills the bugs for me; I clean the litterbox for, well, for the cat.

He enjoys news programs; I enjoy the Sonic ads in between.

He likes to snack on popcorn; I love Junior Mints (and as I’ve said before, everyone knows they’re a perfect match).

He gets up early; I get up late, you know, so he can have his time alone to get ready for the day. I try to be thoughtful.

He does enough exercising for both of us; I make sure we have plenty of yummy food to work off.

I help him hone his patience skills by
· leaving the seat of his car pulled forward after driving,
· leaving my brown shoes on the brown carpet,
· forgetting to carry my phone, forgetting to charge my phone, losing my phone, forgetting to turn up the volume on my phone…

This guy still remembers themes from 1970’s commercials and TV programs, and has quite a repertoire of song phrases – just the pertinent phrases for the occasion. The other he day belted out “Sometimes it’s hard to be a . . .

WO – man!”

How could I not love him! He knows a lot of Burl Ives songs, too – at Christmastime he sings, “Ho, ho, the mistletoe….” Pretty much just that phrase over and over, of course.

And he loves Jesus more than life itself.

What more could a girl ask for than a man like that. ‘Nuff said.


modemom said...

Talk about a mix. That's what your posts do to me almost every time--laughter and tears! Like I said, what a mix! xxxooo

readmama said...

You are one lucky lady -- strike that -- **blessed** woman to feel the way you do. Many more years to the both of you! ;-)