Clear The Roads

My baby got her driver's license today.

Just yesterday she was steering the cat.

Then I blinked and she grew up.

Thank GOD she belongs to Him and not me! He'll make sure she stays on the road, and I'll try to keep the nail-biting to a minimum. And I'll send her out for ice cream. Yes. And maybe some Chinese food. Ooh, and she can fill up the tank while she's out. And pick up the dry cleaning.... hmmm, this could be a good thing
after all.


BBC said...

Funny picture! You are braver than I am. The idea of Jasmine or Barron behind the wheel of my bright red Santa Van scares me witless!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Santa Van, huh; pop a picture of that on your blog! I'm not so brave. I hope I'll relax a little once she's driven alone a few times...we'll see. I'll have no fingernails left by then.