Peter Piper Pepper Picker

I've got a plethora of peppers, with more coming.

What shall I do with them. Any suggestions?

I wonder if they'd freeze well if I were to chop them and put them in freezer bags to use later in cooking. Anyone know?

I am not pepper proficient.

Please propound a proposal for my peck of pretty peppers!


Cyndi said...

My mom usually chops them up and puts the tray in the freezer. That way they aren't all bunched up, and then once they are frozen she then puts them in a freezer bag! :)

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Good idea! I'll try it today.

Modemom said...

We just did that with another batch of our blueberries. Makes for easy measuring and no mush. Here comes some pies and muffins! Oh, and pancakes. Come on up!