I Pine Fir Yew

I rode my bike while Mike did his run this morning. And along a brick walled section of the naval shipyard, on a nearly deserted street, I found something I HAD to have.

Unfortunately, my basket wasn't on my bike. And I had no hood on my shirt, not even any pockets. So I shall have to return tomorrow.

I found pine cones. Beautiful, fat, classic pine cones scattered along the side of the road. I immediately thought of the twenty or more tables that we'll need to decorate for Victory Home's upcoming fundraising and awareness banquet. The Founders Inn will have a Christmas tree in the banquet room we're using, so we want something for centerpieces that will coordinate with the room but not be too Christmas-y, since the banquet is before Thanksgiving.

Pine cones and maybe some small pine boughs would be a perfect start! I considered filling the front of my
t-shirt with them, but

1) it would have been a little awkward, not to mention uncomfortable during the next several miles of pedaling, and

2) chances are that my substantial belly would be exposed at times, and I'd hate to cause an accident or make innocent bystanders run screaming down the street, trying to cover their children's eyes.

That very stomach is why I'm out there on that bike. And why it gets no more Junior Mints. Or dessert. Or even candy corn. Poor baby.

Had to unbutton my jeans at Cinema Cafe tonight. And I was only drinking (unsweetened) iced tea! That is, until Mike gave me some of his nachos. Then I had to unzip a little, too.

Poor Flutterbug will be thoroughly embarrassed when she reads this. Well, I warned her - blog material is a little slim tonight. And so is intelligent thought. It's probably the lack of sugar, if I had to guess.
Yes, that's it.


Melvin Tufts said...

Been enjoying your blogs immensely!
But I couldn't help thinking on this last one: it's a good thing you didn't have a hood or pockets in your shirt, or you might have had a hood and pockets full of pine pitch!! This time of year the cones have globs of pitch on them which will come off on hands and clothes and be awfully hard to remove. So, unless the weather is cold enough to harden the pitch, you'd be well advised to handle them with gloves and a disposable plastic or paper-lined container.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Hi Dad, fortunately, all but a couple of the pine cones were completely dried out, which will make things so much easier when it comes to decorating!

I always have pitch on my hands for a couple days after hauling in the Christmas tree. Why I haven't thought of gloves before, I don't know, but this year will be different!