So, so tired...

Sixteen signs, four hundred stickers, six heavy tables, and a kazillion items of yard sale stuff later, I'm ready for bed! And the yard sale doesn't start for ten hours.

So I'm keeping this short and sweet. "Lolita" left tonight, determined to continue in her destructive ways. We were bombarded with a flurry of Trick-or-Treaters, some cute, some OLD. We're relaxing, Buddy's snoring, and Horatio Caine is getting his man.

Yawnnnn, tomorrow I, typing that word actually brought on a yawn!... I'll keep my eyes peeled and camera ready for bloggable moments.

By the way, Diane wins a prize for being the first to respond to yesterday's post - and I'm still going to do a random drawing for ANYONE ELSE who leaves a comment on that post. So come on, it's easy! Way easier than having a yard sale, let me tell ya.

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