Today's To-Do List:

Assemble two meat-n-veggie pies (one for a shut-in, one for us). I made the filling last night, accompanied by much whining and wimpering - I was tahrrrred.

Finish up the many pieces of literature that we will need for the banquet - programs, giving cards, silent auction instructions, Buyer Bucks.

Put together forty-'leven Christmas wreaths for the silent auction. For two days I've tried to assemble them, if you can call staring at the pile of wreaths, ribbon and decorations trying. I do.

Purchase black cardboard and cut and assemble 25 stands on which to mount auction certificates (golf packages, massages, etc.). Two problems here. One is, I may have to go into a Michael's store, and I haven't mastered the art of "in-and-out" shopping, and buying only what I came for. Michael's is a veritable mine field. I could be there all day.

Secondly, clumsy girl that I am, an exacto knife in my hand is not always a good idea. I measure my tetanus booster years by the time that I stabbed myself in the thigh with a rusty one with a broken tip. Yeah.

Back to the list, in case any of you are still with me.

Let's see...organize and pack the auction items, make bid cards, find 60 pens, collect more centerpiece items, pack up the pine cones, type up the long list of donors and sponsors, deliver the pie to the shut-in...

Oh dear, so sorry, I just accidentally stomped on the list. Oops, and now it has fallen into the litter box. How clumsy of me. I think I'll go have a bowl of Grape Nuts and read for a while.

And then, to quote a five-year-old boy,
who waltzed into the sanctuary one day with arms outstretched, "Let the be-games begin!"

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BBC said...

LOL - stomped and then litter-boxed? Pure genius, even for "accidents." hehehe

That's an awful lot of tasks for just one person!