Party Time

Christmas is coming...can you feel it? Can you smell it?

In spite of my miserable cold, which has expanded from my chest to my head, Flutterbug and I headed into the fray for a little shopping today.

It wasn't so bad. It helped that we don't "do" the mall.

It didn't help that Mike is making me drink 8 glasses of water a day. I visited a lot of public restrooms.

But I have a method.
Read a study once that most people skip the first stall in a bathroom, so odds are that it's the least used and cleanest. And generally it is! Good thing I only have a few readers - this is a secret I prefer to keep to myself so that the first stall will stay clean. So use this valuable tidbit with care and RETICENCE (word-of-the-week).

We had a great night at the annual Ellis Christmas Party. I ran around sticking greenery everywhere and shoving clutter into the ONE decent closet we have.

(That's Mikey at 5 months.)

Even decked out the new bathroom:

Yeah, that's the back of the toilet. Like I said, greenery everywhere.

All that last-minute scrambling came together, with one small glitch of dropping the back of my skirt into the toilet.

Lucky for me, it looks the same backwards as frontwards, so I gave it a turn, hoping that no one would put two and two together.

Just to add insult to injury, while I was on my hands and knees on the bathroom rug scrubbing at my skirt, I knocked over the animals' water bowl.

But other than that, fun times! Guests brought all kinds of good food:

Flutterbug made her world-famous three-ingredient chicken spread:

Everyone yakked and laughed and ate too much.

Notice where the men congregated:

I made the mistake of sitting in Mike's wacky chair. The problem was climbing out again.

Clint enjoyed it more:

Buddy ate his weight in people food. Placed himself strategically to make the most of all opportunities.

When Flutterbug teased him about it, he feigned ignorance:

Oh, there was one thing I forgot to do.



Jess Tanner said...

Love the greenery. Branches of all types make great decorations. Oh, and the bathroom secret...I read that too. How many more of us are out there?


Modemom said...

Melanie told me about stall #1 while my husband and I were spending a couple nights at her house on our road trip from South Carolina to New Hampshire this fall. So, the first stop we made after departing their home I tried it out. On my way “down” I realized I should have touched the porcelain a couple seconds earlier, but hadn’t yet. I said to myself, if I have to go much lower I’ll never get back up! I stood up and turned around to look and discovered this particular rest stop had a new phenomenon since I last traveled by car–a toddler sized toilet! What a great idea for all the little girls traveling, but not so good for heavy 70-year-olds since there wasn’t a grab bar in sight. I don’t know what I would have done if I had gone all the way down–screamed for help or rolled over to my knees and pushed my way up to a standing position!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Flutterbug and I are ROLFing!!!!

BBC said...

LOL at Modemom!

My secret is that I always go for the handicapped toilet because I have never in all my life seen a walker or a wheelchair come into the restroom, so I figure I'm not putting anyone out, and it's the least-used toilet if everyone else is trying to be considerate...

Yuck with the crockpot already! Put the contents in a ziplock back and throw in the trashcan!