Peace On Earth - At Our House, Chaos!

Aaaaaahhhhh. A few moments of peace in the midst of a very busy week. The tree is glowing,

and Buddy is catching up on his email.

Still have the big party coming up on Friday, and the house is still a wreck, and that pesky crock pot is still taking up valuable space in the freezer. Personal reminder: TRASH DAY IS FRIDAY. If that crock pot ain't out of here, it's going to have to be buried in the back yard. Or...fed to that annoying pitbull next door.

Tomorrow: decide what to serve at the party, shop for the groceries, finish up the package of gifts for the in-laws, stand in line at the post office, make a few last-minute Christmas cards, go to the bank, stop at Lowe's for a little more garland and some free greenery branches, rehearse with the cellist and a couple of singers for Christmas Eve, and in-between: clean, clean, clean!


BBC said...

I started passing out invitations for an after-Christmas partty at our house for the other teens in Jasmine's voice class. I thought it would be easy to get ready.

Now I'm busy mopping all the black sooty fingerprinting dust up off the floors, and I wonder if I can find someone to clean the carpets on short notice? That forensics expert sprinkled dust around like he was blessing my house with holy water or something!

I couldn't feel less like partying after all the chaos.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Oh boy. That's a lot to overcome. You'll need an oasis of peace beforehand to handle a party! Hope you're able to find some. And a carpet cleaner!

BBC said...

So did you remember to get rid of the gross-ness in your crockpot on trash day?