The Dirty Deed Is Done

...and no cheese was involved.

I thought I heard a little wimper as I tipped it over; it might have been me.

Here's a neat photo of the nativity scene at my alma mater (Bob Jones U.) - I snapped the pic while we were in S.C. at the beginning of the month and it's been trapped in Flutterbug's computer since then. It was a beautiful sight!

And here's a pic of some of the lovely jewelry that's just been donated to Victory Home, in good time for Valentine's Day.

Jewelry is my second-favorite item to display (books will always be Number One).

And lastly, here was the response in the neighborhood when little Buddy got loose today.


BBC said...

My trees are still up. One year they stayed up till mid-February, and a girl in my homeschool photography club helped me take them down.

I tried to take pics of BJU's light display while driving by in the twilight - they all came out blurry. I should have just parked and got out!

Poor kitty! Naughty Buddy!

This "blogs I follow" feature is so cool -- who knew it would tell me as soon as anyone posts a new blog???

Anonymous said...

oh, my, where did you find that picture! What a riot!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Ha! I looked up "funny cat" in!

It's actually the people that go running and screaming when Buddy gets loose. He's 15 whopping pounds of horror, evidently. I've seen grown men screaming like girls when he's run toward them, and grown women leap into the back of a pickup truck that happened to parked nearby! We seem to live among a lot of people who are afraid of dogs!

BBC said...

Are you serious? Buddy looks like such a ball of fluffy innocence! That I could step on and mop the floor with! HEHEHE! (The only dogs I'm scared of are the ones that look like they could eat me!)

Funny, though, I have people who are scared of CATS! My beautiful cats scare the stuffing out of some visitors.