I Should Buy Cream Cheese Stock

I wasn't kidding about the books:

Here was a fun one:

This book looked good enough to eat:

Speaking of eating, I need to decide what to serve tomorrow night.

I've got a half jar of Harry & David's Pepper and Onion Relish which, when mixed with a block of cream cheese, makes an awesome dip for tortilla chips.

Guess I'll make more chicken spread for crackers (cream cheese, a can of chicken and several dashes of Worcestershire sauce), and ooooh, I've got some Havarti cheese, and red and green grapes are a dollar a pound at Walmart.

And then there's the Barefoot Contessa's Pan-fried Onion Dip, which is great with potato chips (cream cheese, mayo, sour cream and caramelized onions with lots of salt and pepper).

One couple is bringing hot wings (beyond my cooking repetoire) and a woman is bringing bite-size quesadillas.

Beyond that, I guess I'll see what's on sale in the morning....oh, wait, is that the morning that I'll be cleaning up this pigsty? Good thing I turn into SuperWoman when the clock starts ticking down. Sometimes procrastination is my best friend!


BBC said...

You might want to buy that stock. Last Sunday I made a peach cobbler dessert cheeseball for Jasmine since she was enduring a 3-hour test. Tonight I made a cranberry and orange spice dessert cheeseball to take with a meal to a couple tomorrow - the wife fell off a horse and broke both wrists!!! And then I'm taking a chocolate chip dessert cheeseball mix and a Santa Fe snack cheeseball mix and 2 blocks of cream cheese with me when I go on vacation to Pigeon Forge for spring break! Cream cheese rocks!

btw, funny books!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Yum - never heard of all those interesting combos! What do you spread them on? Cookies would be good!