Oops, Dropped My Phone In the Not-Working Toilet (I Wish)



Sixty-seven is the total number of times I talked on my cellphone today. Forty incoming and twenty-seven outgoing calls. Isn't that ridiculous?

322 - the number of miles I've driven back and forth to visit Mike.

62 - the number of speed bumps I had to drive over in the hospital parking over the last week.

28 - the number of times I've driven under the Elizabeth River since Mike's been in the hospital.

8 - the number of times I've been to McDonald's this week (mostly for coffee for Mike).

7 - the number of nights I've been up past midnight.

6 - the number of barely English-speaking nurses Mike's had to try to understand.

4 - the number of IV sites that the poor guy has had.

3 - the number of guitar chords I know (just thought I'd throw that in there).

0 - the number of toilets that were working in the house yesterday and today - more on that tomorrow.

0 - the amount of laundry that has gotten done this week.

Uncountable and greatly appreciated - the number of prayers lifted up for Mike from friends and loved ones near and far - THANK YOU!

Now pray that he'll get to come home tomorrow - I'm tired of counting.


z man said...

Wish I were there to go over the speed bumps with you!

Brenda (BBC) said...

You mean you wish your phone would fall in the toilet so that you wouldn't have to deal with all the calls? I'd be a little batty after that many in one day.

I got a little bit choked up, and it wasn't just because you brought back the horrors of my 5-hour stay in the ER last month. (But maybe it was mostly that...)

I wish Mike could come home NOW! And not have IVs! I had the stupid stent in my hand for 5 hours, and my hand suffered memory pains for a whole week! I didn't like all the wires all over me and wanted to rip them all off and run away! So I really and truly feel for Mike, because he's still trapped in that stuff like a never-ending nightmare.

Nettie said...

I continue to pray for you guys. Wow, you are so strong!! I would have lost my mind day 3!! You're an amazing person and your family is lucky to have you Melanie! I hope you are able to give some good news soon! I wish I could come do your laundy and fix your toilets!!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

So Mo, you like speedbumps? Once I was going down that road that goes near the Gvl zoo and went over the railroad tracks too fast and all four wheels came off the ground - what a thrill!

You guys are all so sweet in your supportiveness - makes ME choke up!

Linnette, you may come do my laundry anytime, and I'll fall over myself with gratitude (and pay you in Jr. Mints)! By the way, I DID lose it a little bit now and then; it was just more like a little leak of mind loss. I was too tired to find the strength to lose it completely!

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