Peep Toes and Bonbons

I love shoes. This morning I had to rebuke myself in the middle of the sermon: "Stop thinking about shoes!"

The shoes I wore today made me walk funny.

They're too cute, but they appeared to be on a mission to trip me up. Fortunately, I was able to thwart their efforts, with the only side effect the aforementioned funny walking.

Mike managed to whip through a terrific message this morning without having to stop to run to the bathroom (antibiotics bring their own set of irritating problems). He's on a pill variety that is so expensive it should come with a nurse and a pound of caviar: $1,500 for 18 pills (what?!). We'll get reimbursed (hopefully), but while we wait to see if the manufacturer will provide some for free, I've been buying one at a time. Five so far....

Sadly, Mike can't eat chocolate while on these antibiotics. I stepped in to save the day and polished off the box of truffles and chocolate cremes that he received as a gift while in the hospital. I'm all about standing in the gap for my honey.

Now I need to get to bed. Normally, we're off on Mondays, but I need to go to the warehouse/thrift store for a while in the morning. Gotta make sure everything gets rolling smoothly - we need to make some money tomorrow!

I can hardly wait to get to work (Tuesday) on the front window displays for summer - I've been collecting Raggedy Anns and Andys and lots of red, white and blue stuff, plus some awesome shabby things that will be mixed with summer touches like a canoe paddle and a crab pot. I've been daydreaming about it all (and a little nightdreaming, too). If only customers wouldn't BUY the stuff as soon as it's up. I'm thinking of plopping a couple of really high prices on the biggest items so they'll either last a while or be worth it to lose.

So good night - I'm heading up to bed to dream of wicker baskets, old windows, dried hydrangeas and oil & vinegar cruets. Oh, and shoes, of course.


Brenda (BBC) said...

You are such a GIRL! LOL!

Oops, Jasmine calls. She has to make a photo blog for her final project in photography. Well, Mama knows something about blogs ...

Anyway, good for you protecting hubby from the bad awful chocolate! ;-) Gotta run!

Paul and Vicki Young said...

Boy, you've had a LOT going on in your life since I last checked! I pray Mike is outta there fast, and can get off those meds.
Your thrift shop photos make me itch for a good ol' American thrift store! I miss those things, but we have some similar ones here. I can't complain.

tuftsmel said...

I posted a comment yesterday, but it never got "published"!! I'll see if I can remember how I wrote, and try again.
Absolutely unbelievable! Incredible! (The price of the 18 pills). Mike will undoubtedly be a "bionic" man after these are administered! Would the price be any better at the hospital pharmacy where he was an erstwhile patient?

Anyway, I think you ought to call the Pharoah in the White House. (Some call him Messiah.) He could surely remedy the situation!

Did you hear of his latest display of arrogance? Took his wife on a date to see a Broadway play in NYC to the "tune" of over $25,000 charged to the American people. It took THREE jets to carry all the media, security personnel, etc, plus a 'copter and 600 off duty police called up to help with the city gridlock.

To his credit he DID pay for the $96 tickets.

Much love and prayers for Mike's contintuing recovery. I heard from a mother whose youngest son has Krone's Disease, and his doctor is recommending the bi-monthly IV at tremendous cost. It reminded me of Mike's arthritis treatment, and am wondering what their new recommendation is in that regard?

Tina said...

Shoes are too cute...! You know we have a fetish for collecting shoes!
Glad Mike is back home. I just wonder why a pill can cost so much....who is making all the money on that one? Hubbys pain management is 1500 every three months. We can no longer pay for it. Its a spinal and takes all of 10 minutes to do. Off that soapbox!
Cannot wait to see your summer windows! You do an awesome job. And I have bought from the display...made the guy undress a manaquin!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Yep, those pills were refered to as the "Cadillac of Antibiotics" by a pharmacist the other night. He was amazed and intrigued to find out that someone was on them and asked what they were prescribed for and said that there were lots of things that shouldn't be eaten while on them - evidently he's never dispensed them!

Dad, who knows what the next outrageous thing to come from the white house will be?!

Re: the Crohne's Disease comment, it very well may be the same kind of medication. Oddly enough, that condition is in the same family as rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune disorders. Mike's brother was just diagnosed with it a few months ago.