What's Next - The Kitty Cold?

And here I thought it was swine flu that posed a threat to our household.

I was off by an entire species.

It's the Buddy Bug.

Poor guy was very lethargic yesterday. We knew something was really wrong when Flutterbug offered him her nearly empty bowl after eating and he didn't even raise his head. I believe I've mentioned how much he loves to eat, and how un-particular he is about what he eats.

And when she took him to the vet this morning, he lay on her lap in the waiting room, not caring in the least that he was surrounded by huge dogs on either side. The usual scenario is: we get within 10 feet of the door, he starts trembling violently and tries to slip out of his collar. And the trembling continues, even when the waiting room is empty. Buddy was definitely not himself today!

I made Flutterbug ask the vet about that Slim Jim, much to her chagrin. Evidently, as inedible as Slim Jims seem, they do break down and get digested, even if one SWALLOWS one whole. I'll need to keep that in mind if I get desperately hungry.

So after a shot, a pill, lots of probing and a thermometer in an uncomfy place, he's beginning to come around. Even as I write, he's gazing expectantly toward the kitchen, where Mike is rattling dishes as he prepares himself some food (I'm stuck to the sofa after tackling that huge donation pile all day).

And I'm pleased to report that he still has a smooshy canine snout.


Brenda (BBC) said...

Aw, give him a kiss, mommy! LOL

Anonymous said...

He's a cutie! Don't you just hate it when they're sick?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Hate it! But he's feeling much better today - must be the kisses!