While Mike's Away...

...the pets will play - on his bed, naughty things.

We were hoping he'd be the one in the bed tonight, but he had the misfortune of getting sick just before a holiday weekend.

The doctor saw him today and said he'd like to order an ultrasound to make sure there's no pus hanging around somewhere in his head.

Reminds me of a story. When Flutterbug was younger, she was yakking away about this and that, and mispronounced the title of a famous tale, Puss in Boots. Now, when I see that book, I can't help but imagine a couple of tall boots overflowing with, well, infectious fluid.

Anyway, they didn't do the ultrasound today, so he asked the nurse when to expect it and she said, "Well, tomorrow's Sunday, and the next day's a holiday, so Tuesday."

I guess God wanted to give Mike plenty of time to catch up on his reading, praying, studying and FoxNews-watching.

Having a house-guest (Carolyn) has kept me from feeling like I must booby-trap the doors and windows at night, not that she's a black-belt or anything; I guess it's just that feeling of safety in numbers.

I could put some Pus in Boots under the windows, just in case...


Brenda (BBC) said...

Ew! I did NOT need the picture in my head!!!

It's a shame that hospital people think a holiday means letting patients wait around for several extra days and not getting them well and out of there ASAP.

I hope Mike's stay is as pleasant as possible, all things considered. Catching up on reading would help pass the time

The Inept Aspirant said...

That's ridiculous! I'd leave and tell them I'd be back on Tuesday. Hospital stays are incredibly boring!

Auntie L said...

Hi Melanie,

Sorry to hear about Mike. How is he doing today? Please tell him we are thinking and praying for him. We will keep checking out your blog for updates.

Talked with your Mom today and she gave me a heads up on how to leave comments - so hope it works.

Hang in there. I know you and Bethany will be good at cheering up Mike. Love, Aunt Laurie

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Hi Auntie, I could tell you must be back "home" - saw Massachusetts start popping up on the live feed. Welcome back!

Mike feels quite normal at this point; he's probably the healthiest patient at the hospital! But he's still stuck there for now. They're also still giving him antibiotic IVs. Hopefully, they'll wrap things up on Tuesday and he'll get to go home.

I'll keep you posted! Hi to Uncle B.