Sneak Peek #2

"God whispers to us in our pleasures."

Leave it to C.S. Lewis to nail it right on the head!


We have a big evening tomorrow - six Victory Home men are graduating from the program, and we're hosting a dinner for them and about 100 people at the local community center.

Mike is a great "big picture" guy and I take up the slack as the "detail person." So I've been a LITTLE BIT BUSY this week getting ready for the graduation and dinner.

I have a 3-page to-do list which I couldn't find anywhere when I arrived at my 4th and biggest stop this morning - Walmart. Just when I gave up hope that it was in the car, I found it tucked into a beverage pitcher I had picked up at the thrift store.

I've had a constant adrenaline leak all day. You know, nerve thrills in the tummy and running down the limbs. That's gotta be healthy.

I baked a few cakes tonight. Tomorrow, I frost! (And a few hundred other things....)

Flutterbug will make her awesome cheesecake bars and Nancy is making ten gallons of tea tonight, and tomorrow a sweet woman from church will spend the day in the Victory Home kitchen preparing beef tips over rice, with green beans and her homemade cranberry relish.

I think the main source of the butterflies in the tummy is my unnecessary (I hope) concern that we may underestimate the amount of food needed.

My mother had a similar fear just before my wedding 25 years ago and doubled the order of stuffed sandwiches - those cute little oval rolls that split at the top for ham salad, egg salad and other delectable fillings. And one of the only images still in my mind of our reception is of those huge pyramids of sandwiches towering above the pitiful little trifles and pickles and mints below. I've half a mind to follow her lead. The other half knows I need to go to bed and trust God! It'll all be just fine. And the food is of no consequence compared to the great testimonies we're going to hear from the grads and former clients, stories of changed lives, and hope, and new hearts, and joy...that joy that God gives us in little doses, so that we'll yearn for more, and turn, and embrace the Joy-Giver who has future joys in store for us that we can not begin to imagine!

You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

--Psalm 16:11


Lainie said...

God bless you! Love your Christmas decorating!

Modemom said...

I knew there was some reason we gave you the middle name "Joy!"

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Aw, thanks Mom and Auntie!

Brenda C. said...

I'm a detail person too and have often over-estimated how much of a thing I needed to have available. Gotta love leftovers - especially the sweet kind! hehehe

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Thaaaaat's right. I'm with you.