Just Call Me Aunt Fanny

All species of shoppers are welcome at Victory Home Thrift Store! ('xcept maybe reptiles and vermin.)

Tomorrow SEVEN men graduate from the program. We're trying something a little new - holding the graduation during the lunch hour: 12:10 to 12:50. Chick-fil-A is catering (for free!) and they'd better bring brownies. Just sayin'. I'm on a diet, can you tell? It's because of TWO SCARY WORDS:

No, not Heart Disease.

Nope, not Growing Old.

These words:

School Reunion.

I was going to say HIGH School Reunion, but, well, you know...three words and all...I used to be able to count before I got SO FAT.

Soooo...tomorrow brings lots of fun things, like book displaying (every Thursday at the thrift store), a Victory Home graduation, and maybe...just maybe...a Chick-fil-A brownie. A girl can drool, can't she?

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