Good Formatting Grief!'s all BLOGGER.COM's fault that I can't separate paragraphs or put spaces before or after pics - everyone's complaining about it and it still isn't fixed. It's getting on my nerves!!


Brenda Christmas said...

Really? I hadn't noticed. I guess I'd better poke around and try to figure out what everyone-but-me is complaining about. ;-)

morningstar said...

Yep there is a trick to it...( and it bugs me that it is so hard to format also)
I put a few spaces at the top of my blog before beginning.
Then I load all the photos Last to First, adding
( two or three) between each photo as I upload. Tedious I know. THEN I go back and start typing the actual post. By adding the spaces I can get between the photos easier.
Lastly I delete extra spaces before publishing.
I do not like it either because it means I cannot work on a post in Word and then just copy and paste. It ignores paragraph form altogether among other things.

morningstar said...

Okay the break did not show up in my comment that is silly. Where is says suppost to be the break symbol ( html). urrr. I am sure you know what it is.