Lost and Found

I have lost my Raisin Bran.

Sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it? No, I have not lost my moxie...or my marbles...or my grooviness.

I have lost my RAISIN BRAN.

The box was at least half full last time I had some. For my family's sake I only eat a small bowl at a time, for it does strange and wondrous things to my digestive system.

Now, if Boo had eaten it, 1) his flatulence would have given him away, and 2) he would have left an astounding amount of debris in his wake. Trust me on this. I need to rake out my kitchen tomorrow because he got into the trash...uh...yesterday.

And this is GOOD raisin bran - the nice plain ol' kind with the sugar-coated raisins. Where, oh where could it be? (Yes, I have checked both the fridge and the freezer, and the washing machine on the porch.)

On an unrelated note, you know those funny little rubbery things that you can put on your thumb to help you turn pages (I think my kindergarten teacher may have used one in the '60's)? I found one lying on the floor near the front door. Wierd. I have never seen one close up.

I also walked into the bedroom and there was a baby sock just lying there next to the bed. A BABY SOCK. There hasn't been a baby sock in this house in...well, Flutterbug's twenty.

Straaaaaange goings on around here.

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Brenda Christmas said...

Someone with a baby broke into your house to read your books and got hungry and ate your Raisin Bran before they left? hehehe