Oatmeal, Schmoatmeal

Both times we were in Florida last month, we stayed at a fantastic hotel (Homewood Suites). It was just a hop and a skip from my in-laws' home (a turtle-paced hop-and-skip through wall-to-wall white-haired-Chrysler-Sebring-drivers up until 8pm!) and it was such a pleasant place to call home for those couple of weeks. They not only served a full breakfast, they also, on weeknights, served SUPPER.

Every morning, we'd toddle downstairs and help ourselves and plop down at a table (an outside table by the pool when it was crowded inside) and listen to the wonderful assortment of foreign languages spoken around us. Evidently, Europe considers southwest Florida a must-see tourist destination!

Mike and I mainly enjoyed the oatmeal. Every morning there was a big cauldron of hot oatmeal, and a row of additions to choose from: brown sugar, cran-raisins and granola. I enjoyed that combination so much that I promptly began looking for canisters to use at home, since Mike has oatmeal nearly every day, and I try to for my heart's sake (I do try, I really do, but, ugh, it's so boring to eat the same thing every day).

I made the mistake of looking in Pier1 first, and found some awesome canisters for... $19.99 each. And I needed four (Mike likes a sprinkle of white sugar on his sometimes). No way. Not even for my heart! I checked out Walmart, but...blah. Finally, I thought of Garden Ridge, et voilĂ !, at $3.99 each, just-the-right-size glass canisters with brushed metal lids. (They look a little smaller in the picture than they really are. They're perfect.)

And my heart thanks me very much. Eating oatmeal is just a little more fun.
(It'd be a lot more fun if I filled the canisters with mini M&M's, Lucky Charms, colored sprinkles and Junior Mints...now that'd be some oatmeal. I bet Buddy the Elf'd like that. 

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Modemom said...

"...ugh, it's so boring to eat the same thing every day."

I've got to admit that I've eaten the same breakfast almost daily for years and am now just getting sick of it, but can't think of anything better. Why don't you come and stay awhile after spring arrives and fix me something special every morning? :)