And the Days Fly By...

BAM. Thanksgiving's long gone and now it's nearly Christmas!

We had a nice meal with some Victory Home and church friends and clients. 
Mike was the lone male, poor thing.
Afterwards, he watched a football game, Flutterbug napped, and the rest of us went for a walk around the block, during which Boo broke his leash and took off after a it was more of a frantic run for most of us than a leisurely walk as we attempted to corral the renegade.
That's what I get for eating so much stuffing. 

I had the pleasure of spending a little time at the enchanting Victory Home Thrift Store this week.

Harry, a man from our church, happened by and spotted a little Baldwin organ.

He proceeded to tickle those fake-ivories, and what a treat it was. The man can whale on a keyboard, even an itty-bitty one like this!

I love nurseries (as in garden centers). Here's one I enjoy...

...partly because they have kitties...

...and this one, well, it's the cat's pajamas!

We bought our tree here; thought we'd get a smaller one this year and put it up on a table, thereby allowing us to enjoy it in the radiator-prolific living room, without having it actually touch a radiator. And it would be like those magazine pictures, a pretty, lacy ornament posing quaintly in the corner.

What it actually does is tower over us rather ominously.

But I'm sure a boatload of decorations and tinsel will take care of that!

 So, in another corner, I'm going for the ornamental dead branch look 
(and it's free!):

And now I'm on a roll...a bauble here, a sprig there...

...finding all kinds of goodies that have been tucked away for a year...

...Christmas is nearly here!


morningstar said...

Love your creative decorating!!!! So pretty. So thankful for Victory Thrift this time of year.

Paul and Vicki Young said...

You've got a knack for beauty! I don't think I've got that. I wish you could pop over and give me some tips and ideas for my house! That'll be the day, huh.

Brenda Covert said...

I love unpacking Christmas decorations. I always discover something pretty I bought on clearance after the previous Christmas, and I'm always surprised! I love surprises! LOL

I have a table tree in the living room -- oh, 7 of them. I have a ceramic lit one, 2 little metal ones with baubles or bells dangling, one tiny tree with red apples and gold poinsettias glued on it, a 2-foot tree with mini ornaments on it, a white 4-foot memory tree covered with photo ornaments, and the "big" one that sits on the sturdy end table; I think it's 5-6 feet tall. My living room just doesn't have room for a big tree, so I leave those to frame the basement fireplace. :-)