Spring Has Sprung {And I am happy, happy, happy}

For cryin' out loud, I'm THRILLED.
I've been shivery for too many months and I welcome Spring with a yippee 
and a little jig!

It's raining dogwood blossoms in the backyard, and when I look out the pantry window there's a regular ticker-tape parade going on out there - nature's celebratin' all over the place!

I've been collecting birdies for a while; they're a perfect decor item for Spring. (And they're oh-so-cute.)

Found this pillow yesterday, our day off, as we wandered around Burlington. Love it!! (Well, lookie there, Boo stuck his head in the pic...)

It even has MUSIC on it! Right up my alley. 

My thumb is blackish, but I'm trying to bloom tulips in the pantry window. They have looked about this size for a couple of weeks, with no change, so I'm not sure this project will turn out like promised. 
Ah, Pinterest, thou art a fickle friend.

This flowery dress is purtier than it looks here; I just love it. And I'm not telling a soul that it happens to be a (sshhhh) maternity dress. Where else can I find the sought-after empire waist that is supposed to be so flattering for body shapes like mine???

Springy linens give me a little tingle in my tummy after the heaviness of winter bundling. I was excited to find this paisley bedspread at the delightful Victory Home Thrift Store last week. And the beach picture, too.

Isn't it just WUNNERFUL? My mommy's probably coveting it right now, eh, Mum?

Fresh fruit is an easy way to Springify the kitchen.

I've also stocked up on plenty of paper goods to cut down on boring and tedious dishwashing and cleaning. Better to sit on the porch with a good book than to have to scrape dirty dishes!

 Here's another Victory Home Thrift prize for beside the front door...I'm tellin' ya, you need to make a trip to Virginia just to shop here! (I'll put you up in my Springy, paisley guest room and you can dine on my purty paper plates.)

Bicycles are cropping up everywhere. Am I the only one who keeps bikes in the house? I don't know what else to do with them, especially when they're used frequently. They take up the whole back porch when they're all out there (ugh).

This Spring I'm leading our ladies' fellowship group through a study of this book:

 What an eye-opener! I highly recommend it to all of you of the female persuasion. I'll describe more of it in another post. Good stuff!

I really am HAPPY to welcome this new season - as much as I enjoy cozying up to the fire, and hiding my lumpiness in turtlenecks and anoraks, there's something rumbly in my tumbly and I do believe it's butterflies of excitement and anticipation - 
house flies...

oh, dear...

{P.S. Today I'm linking up with Edie at LifeinGrace - what an inspiration she is to me, and funny and thought-provoking...check out her blog and soon you'll be checking it daily, like me!}


Modemom said...

I had to laugh out loud when you said I'd be coveting your thrift store stuff, because I actually had been coveting everything from the beginning of your post and had been giving myself a talking to along the way. Drooling over the variety of unique birds and the PILLOW was the killer!

Brenda Covert said...

LOL at you and your mom! Your finds almost make me want to get seasonal down here! But that would take more effort than just boxing up Christmas and setting out the artificial floral arrangements...

I like birds too. They remind me of my dad, the "bird man." I don't have as many bird figures as you, though. Even though he died when she was 4, Jasmine still remembers all his birds and always talks about how Grandpa would love whatever birds we've seen.