Stuff It!

My favorite Christmas decorating accessory is FREE and if I'm just a bit resourceful I can find plenty of it. I may have to skulk around the churchyard with my snippers; I may or may not park my car at Walgreens and race up to a grove of cedars (or were they cypress?); I definitely make a stop at Lowe's for an armful.

Then I stuff, stuff, stuff!

And jam, jam, jam!

And if party-time comes before I've stuffed and jammed it everywhere, no worries - it's not as if anyone's likely to say, "You missed a spot."  

...though they may think it, with a raised eyebrow and a touch of sarcasm...

1 comment:

Modemom said...

Wish I had been skulking around with a camera to record all the interesting places you snatched your greenery! Now get down here and find some for me. :)