It's a Dog's Life

Buddy had to go to the vet yesterday for his annual shots. Poor thing trembles uncontrollably every time we go. As we sat in the waiting room, a bulldog came in, and Buddy clawed his way up my legs to a more secure spot on my lap. Then he and the bulldog began a whining, crying baby contest, with a cat in a nearby crate adding her own lament to the cacophony.
We were finally called into the examination room, and after attempting several times to place Buddy on the table, I finally gave up and allowed him to climb up onto my shoulder and perch there until the doctor came in. I had not seen this doctor before; he was quite elderly, with gnarled fingers and a shock of white hair. He moved very slowly. Reminded me of Tim Conway's old man skits!
After the preliminary examination, the doctor asked me what we fed Buddy.
"Well," I answered, "his diet mainly consists of toilet paper rolls, used tissues and Q-tips, cat food, cat poop, and Barbie dolls, with a little Ol' Roy dog food for a between-meal snack."
The doctor stared at me silently for about 30 seconds. Then, as he slowly removed the caps from two syringes, he said, "I suppose that is inexpensive."
"Well, yes, I do get the Barbies for a great price at the Victory Home Thrift Store...."
Then he began to lecture me on the topic "You Get What You Pay For." He explained how some dog food makers have been known to boil old shoe leather to an edible consistency and use it as the protein instead of meat. I say that a dog that enjoys feasting at the litter box café isn't likely to have a problem with shoe leather protein.
Ah well, he's healthy and happy, and as you see below, he leads a full life!
Buddy on the ferry (he's very good about smiling for pictures)

Buddy dining al fresco

Beach Bum Buddy

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Bethany Ellis said...

Hi Mamma! You're too funny! I must admit I am quite proud of you and your sucess in the blog world. Just to let you know, I put the videos of Buddy on webshots tonight, so you can either get them off my blog or I can give you my log-in info. Nite! (sorry so late!!!!!) ~Bethany