Tomorrow...doggie woes. Woof.


modemom said...

The new store looks GREAT! Did you have that sign on the other store? Modemom

Melanie said...

We did, but it was completely dwarfed by the big, long building, AND could hardly be seen from the road since we were set so far back; with the tightly blocked letters it melded into at long, red rectangle.
We're getting a lot of enthusiastic feedback about this store - people are loving it! So much more fun for me, and less stressful - it's a lot smaller, newer, cleaner and easier to make look good. We are making almost the same amount of money, though, which is wonderful. Every morning I go to the warehouse and walk through and point to all the "stuff" I want sent over. We have to keep the merchandise flowing as quickly as possible in order to make the most money. I tell the guys that if they sold $800 worth of stuff yesterday, we need $800 worth put in the store as early as possible today, to replace it! I believe you would enjoy working in this store more than any of the others - maybe this year you'll be able to visit and spend some time out there!