Happy Birthday Melanie!!!

This is not Melanie! This is Bethany (her daughter). I've "hacked" into her blog to write a special blog post/blog party for her. I hope you enjoy --and don't forget to wish her a happy birthday!!

First off, I think you should all know that my Mom is awesome. She's got like five different people inside of her all doing different things. Here's a sampling.

1. She coordinates all of the congregational singing, choral singing, etc, for all the services. For congregational singing this includes picking out songs, putting them together in a nice medley, picking out keys, translating everything into chords, making copies for the worship team and copies for instruments, plus many practices. She also has many practices for special music and choral projects, not to mention all the time it takes to pick out songs and arrange them for the choir.

2. She handles all of the finances for the church. Bill-paying, contributions, all of it. Not once does she complain, though I know sometimes it's hard and frustrating.

3. She works full time for Victory Home. This includes various things. Here's a short list:
-Managing the Thrift Store
-Creating/editing donor database
-Coordinating volunteers
-Sorting donations at the warehouse
-And many other misc. things that happen to come up at any given time.

4. She gardens (as I'm sure you can tell!). She positively loves to spend time outside with the pets, digging in the dirt. She'd stay out there all day, every day, if she could! Thanks to her efforts we are eating salads with our very own lettuce just about every day. It's pretty cool.

5. Despite all the other things going on, she still manages to keep up with the family finances, cleaning the house, shopping for our needs, and cleaning the house. It's like she's wonderwoman or something!


6. In all of this she is an amazing role model for me, and I desire to be more like her. She's always so selfless and eager to serve and please others. She loves God with all of her heart and it shows to everyone who knows her. She deserves so much! I wish I could give her more...

If I could give you anything in the world, I would give you this.

An "all expenses paid," two month vacation to a remote greek village with your own speicial cottage and garden.

And if I could make you any cake in the world, I would make you this.

A triple Chocolate cake with chocolate covered strawberries on top.

You deserve even more than I could express..happy birthday, Mom!! I love you!!



Modemom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear daughter!
Lots of memories flooding back inre your first day here on earth. Oh, happy day! You slept through the night at 11 days old! No crying unless hurt! Beautiful traveler on your first long road trip at 4 months old (South Carolina to New England).
Lovely post for your Mom, Beth! Love, hugs and prayers from Mom and Dad.

Cyndi said...

Happy Birthday! :)