Stinky Dogs, Vinegar and Pocahontas

Oh, the joys of dog ownership! After catching an unpleasant whiff every now and then this evening, Little Bubba noticed a big doggy poop attached to Buddy’s hind end. After chasing him into the kitchen, she tried to detach it with a paper towel, but Buddy has a substantial amount of fur on that little rear, so it only made a bigger mess and a smelly one at that!

So he was plopped into the tub, only to leap out and run for the stairs after about 30 seconds of being pummeled by the pulse setting of the hand-held shower head. I chased him down the stairs – he flew into the living room – ran into the family room – collapsed onto the rug – and rolled onto his back. Holding him under his armpits, I ran back up the (18 - whew) steps and stuck him back in the tub.

After another 3 minutes of the hard pulsing spray, it was about as good as it was going to get so we let him loose. He ran down the stairs, through the house, and into the dark cover of night (this all happened at 10pm) and by the time we caught up, he was completely prostrate on the grass, little hind legs stretched out behind his furry rear, front paws extended forward, and little chin resting on the ground in between them.

When he saw us, he sat up just a bit, then keeled over onto his side and lay there without moving, as if to say “My life stinks right this minute.” Poor thing, wait ‘til we dress him up in that ballerina outfit.


We went to South Carolina last week for Hubby’s bi-monthly arthritis treatment. Got to eat lettuce the old-fashioned “Dad” way that I mentioned in a prior entry.

Layer fresh-picked lettuce in a small bowl, cut into strips with a butter knife, then cross-wise into cubes, drizzle with vinegar and sprinkle (liberally) with sugar.

Lots of sugar offsets the vinegar, in fact, the second time around I just skipped the vinegar. I’m thinking that I should try sugar on shrimp, sushi, and liver and I bet they’d be a lot more palatable.


Yesterday (our day off), we went to historic Jamestown, which is about 45 minutes from home. We wandered through the recreated Indian village, the settlers’ fort, and the huge gallery full of fascinating artifacts. We enjoyed exploring the replicas of the three ships that sailed across the Atlantic and arrived on my birthday, April 26!

Afterwards, we drove onto the James River ferry to head back home, and as the breeze blew through the open car windows and the seagulls squawked overhead, I was struck by the contrast between the things we had seen: arrowheads, furs to keep warm, primitive life and painful death; and the things I saw now: luxurious cars, air conditioning, GPS, someone playing a game on a Blackberry. Same river, same land, even a few of the same trees, and just 400 years between, but a world of difference.

Some things never change, though. Moses had to deal with false religion, idols and conjurers, and they existed millennia later among the Indians. Evil always rears its ugly head in every society. The Indians seemed so isolated from other cultures, and from outside influence, and yet they had temples, priests and conjurers, and smoked mind-altering drugs. And greed consumed so many of the settlers, who, at the expense of life-sustaining crops, grew tobacco in every available patch of earth, and paid for it dearly.

No one is exempt from needing a Savior, whether rich or poor, black or white, living in ancient Egypt, 1600’s Virginia, or post-modern America. We’re all so very much the same!


I am overwhelmed by the sneaky and beautiful thing that my lovely daughter did for my birthday! She is a precious treasure and I thank God for her every day. Little Bubba, you just wait 'til October!

(Little Bubba with Little Cousin)

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modemom said...

Ah, some of my favorite people--my hubby, my daughter, and two of my granddaughters. Nice! Modemom