The Old Has Gone, the New Has Come

God has blessed Victory Home with an abundance of food! Every now and then, however, we get a HUGE quantity of perishable food that we need to use or disburse as quickly as possible. Right now we have tomatoes that need to be used up. Spaghetti sauce, salads, and sandwiches – we’re using what we can, but still have too many. So we’ll start giving them away at the thrift store. Those of us who have been with Victory Home from the beginning know just how urgently we should move on these kinds of things – we’ll never forget the Potato Fiasco of ’05 and ‘06, or the time we Buried the Pork. Now there’s an odor I’ll never forget.

Life is never boring when you’re surrounded by former drug addicts, dealers, liars, thieves and murderers! And the best part about it is seeing the transformation from hopelessness, pain and emptiness to joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. It only happens with those who come to God on His terms – plenty of these guys have tried to have God on their own terms, and it has gotten them nowhere. And that’s the way it has to be for all of us. And that’s also why we get guys from all walks of life, not just from the street – business owners, rich kids, and even a former Presbyterian minister.

Let me tell you about Thomas. No, I think I’ll let him tell you. He wrote his testimony for us to use in our literature. Thomas is the guy in the middle.

“For more than 20 years, I was addicted to some type of mind-altering substance. First it was alcohol and cigarettes, and then it was marijuana, and then came the cocaine. Drugs totally ruined my life, and everything that was positive about it. I was forced from my home, I lost my family; my wife and kids wanted nothing to do with me. I was kicked off my job, my truck was repossessed, and my health was steadily deteriorating.”

“I knew I had to do something to get myself together, but I had no idea what to do. I had been in and out of drug treatment centers on numerous occasions, costing companies more than $90,000, just to come out after 30 days and relapse. I asked God to help me or let me die. Then I thought to myself, why would God help me? I sure didn’t deserve any help from Him.”

“I found out about Victory Home and thought to myself, this is where I need to be. When I spoke to Nancy, the director, she asked if I was willing to do whatever it took to change my life. I said yes, I was just so tired of living the way I was living. Everything I ever tried to get control of my life had failed."

"I arrived at Victory Home in October of 2006, on a Monday. Everyone greeted me with such love, compassion and understanding; they really made me feel comfortable. I was amazed to find that it was a six to 12 month program, and that they asked nothing of me except the desire to change my life. Through the preaching, teaching and spiritual motivation activities by Pastor Mike, I came to know God, the purpose He has for my life, and the sacrifices He made for me out of His love for me. The miraculous things I learned about Jesus through the program led me to believe that He could perform a miracle in me. On October 24, 2006, when Pastor Mike finished preaching, there was something going on inside of me that was overwhelming. So when he gave the invitation, I accepted. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior. On this day, I gave my life to Christ, and His instruction for living, and it felt as if 200 pounds had been lifted off my back.”

“Since then, God has given me back my family. He has given me back my job, a new truck, and most of all, a new life. Now, my life is filled with daily joy and peace. Now, when trials and tribulations come, God is faithful in taking care of them for me. I don’t walk, talk or act the same as I once did. God had performed yet another miracle in that He saved me from a life of destruction. He has changed my life. He has given me everything I asked for. He has truly blessed me. I am a living example of what God can do. I’ve been delivered and no longer look back, but continuously keep my eyes focused forward. Through Christ, I live a victorious and abundant life.”

God is in the business of changing lives. If you haven’t come to Him on His terms, now’s the time. What are His terms? Surrender! All of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. Then follow Him. Thanks to Jesus, that’s all it takes. Everything. And life will never be the same. Just ask Thomas.

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