Lookie where we went tonight...

A bunch of us went to the Commodore Theatre this evening to see our favorite big-screen archeologist! After my requisite fall (need to fill my May quota) which happened outside the car when I stepped on a very large pebble and pitched forward onto all fours, strewing quarters all over the sidewalk (reenactment below), all nine of us met at the entrance and headed inside.

The Commodore is a 1940's art deco style dinner theatre. Food's pretty good, atmosphere is great - big murals on the walls, chandelier sconces, tables with dimly lit lamps. Indy's aged a good bit, but haven't we all!

Tomorrow bestest friend from kindergarten comes for a visit - I'm sure there will be a few bloggable moments. We sure have had a lot of nutty adventures over the years, and a couple may have to be resurrected for the sake of blog entertainment (for my sake, I'm glad there aren't photos of some of those embarrassing adventures!)

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