Pictures are my friend...

To quote a famous vegetable:

I'm busy, busy, dreadfully busy
You've no idea what I have
to do
Busy, busy, shockingly busy
Much, much too busy for you! (well, for my poor blog, anyway)

Therefore, I shall rely heavily on pictures, just to relieve the pressure of getting something posted!

So here's my "wierd cat" collection. They're scattered throughout the house, and make a great scavenger hunt for kiddos who visit. I'm sure that I've missed one or two - I can't seem to get an accurate count, but I guess there are at least a dozen. Oooh, I just remembered another one that fell behind a radiator the other day. Maybe I'll fish it out and add it later.
Having one real cat (plus a high-maintenance goober-dog) is plenty of responsibility for me, so I indulge in the type of cat that doesn't claw furniture, hawk up furballs, miss the litterbox, claw its way onto my head to get away from the dog, or stare at me philosophically while I do my business in the bathroom. These cats don't cost me a limb every six months to be treated for allergies of all things, and they don't require special (another limb) cat food for sensitive digestive systems.
However, I must admit, they're not quite so loving, affectionate, soft and silky as the real thing. And even though they don't make my skin crawl with that eerie yowl right before puking, they also don't have the lovely purrrrrr of contentment that gives us humans such pleasure.

I won't mention just how many
(real) cats my mother has collected (and Sissy's starting to catch up), but if there were a catpuke fairy, my mother would be rich!

Our innocent little INDOOR cat ran out of the house one day and took refuge under the car. Little Bubba was already in the car, waiting for me to come out to drive us to the store.
I ran out of the house and approached the car from behind, getting on all fours to peer underneath. There was the little fugitive, licking herself triumphantly, just out of reach. I crept around to the passenger side, ending up just under Little Bubba's window.

Little Bubba, growing impatient, reached ov
to the steering wheel and blasted the horn. Jumping out of my skin, I shot up from my crouch beside her window. Jumping out of her skin at the sight of me popping up, Little Bubba promptly shrieked and burst into tears! Cats! They certainly add zest to life!

Someone once said that there's no way of talking about cats that enables one to come off as a sane person. I've managed to dedicate a rather lengthy blog entry to cats - when I began, I thought I had nothing to say and would rely on the pictures, and now, I've gone on and on. Good thing I already have my own wing at the funny farm!

God had such a wonderful imagination when creating animals, and such a warm heart to make certain kinds just right for human companionship - it boggles the mind to try to imagine how incredibly creative, and wonderful, and satisfying heaven will be!


Cyndi said...

WOW!!! That was the funniest thing I have read all week! maybe longer!! ROFL!! I am still laughing!!! The one with the car horn and Beth jumping out of her skin was just hilarious!! LOL!!! :)

morningstar said...

Hi Melanie! Tina here ( from HSLounge and homeless ministry in Portsmouth) I LOVE your cat collection! It is wonderful. I need to pop in and see you as we have started our ministry once again ( as the shelters close). Love your blog!