Cough, cough, hack, hack, sniff...I usually try to post by Sunday evenings, but a horrid cold has reduced my brains to mush. To top it off, this is what it often looks like outside, thanks to a wildfire in the Great Dismal Swamp, about 30 minutes away (this pic is about 1 minute from the house):

The air is thick and smoky, making it hard to breathe - and that's in the house. So bear with me, and I'll get back in the saddle ASAP!


modemom said...

So sorry you have such a bad cold and smoke fumes, too, to contend with. Get well soon!

Maybe if you had been here with me two nights ago and had looked out my bedroom window at 3:25 A.M. as I did, and seen a big black bear trying to get into the bird feeder, it would have scared that big, bad cold right out of you! True fact!!!!!

Melanie said...

Oh Momma! That made me gasp out loud in shock! Where on earth could he have come from - it's so developed in all directions!

My cold is in the "exit stage" today - all the gunk is trying to march out of me at once. Yuck!