Dragonflies, Postcards and Martians, Oh My!

What is it about humans and STUFF? We love it! And the more STUFF the better! And some stuff is particularly appealing, so we make a point to collect it and display it - in clumps or spread throughout the house, on shelves or in glass cabinets, or maybe under the bed until a day comes along when we can lovingly organize it into the perfect display.

When I was a kid, my mom started the ball rolling, having me collect turtles. Little Sis collected cats, if I remember right, and Little Bro, bunnies. I still have a few, which naturally I couldn't find today, since my home is so cluttered with STUFF. Now that I'm all grown up, there are other things I like to collect, too, like funny old postcards:

(Caption: "The Sights Here are Immense")

(This one's in the bathroom)

...and old books and ornaments (I love old stuff, not sure why!):

I keep the ornaments out year round, all over the house
(so sue me).

Sometimes the books and ornaments hang out together.

And now and then I add something else to the mix like exotic animals and old keys. And of course there are the cats, that were featured in an earlier post (I still haven't fished that one cat out from behind the radiator).

Now I'm not the only one in the family that collects stuff; behold the unique stylings of Little Bubba's Christmas Tree (which is still up, so sue her):

She collects long-legged ornaments. Not planned in advance - it just kind of happened, and once we started looking, they were everywhere!

The cheerleading moose is one of my favorites.

She also loves dragonflies. They're all over her tree:

On her mirrors:

On quilts:

And pretty much everywhere else.
Her Grandma Tufts made this pretty ribbon for Little Bubba for Christmas. I wish I could get a better picture of it - this doesn't do it justice. The lace is from scraps from my wedding dress, and there are pretty embellishments on some of the ribbons - oh, and if you look carefully, one of the ribbons has dragonflies printed on it. Little Bubba's screen name, which has to do with dragonflies, is featured with the big dragonfly.

Hubby collects stuff, too. Like loose change (it multiplies in his pockets)...

...and martians!

Now it's your turn, faithful readers (Hi, Mom!) - send me pictures and a description of what you collect and I'll post them here. My email address is: gpbcmelanie@yahoo.com. It'll be fun, AND it'll give me something to blog about while I try to get over this annoying, irritating, gunky cold.


Modemom said...

Wow! My collections pale in comparison to yours as far as uniqueness and "class" go. Now that I've reached 70, I'm started to pare my stuff way down. In fact most of it goes into my giant yard sale sometime this summer. But I'll play along and send you some pictures. xoxo

Tina said...

Hi Melanie! Wow I love your decorating style! Thrift store Sheek! Blessings Tina

BBC said...

I love the idea of ornaments on display year round!

I've not collected anything for years. I USED to collect: owls, heart-shaped trinket boxes, postcards, ceramic wall masks, old lady hats (actually that's just a box full of hats from Aunt Madge's estate auction that Mom accidentally bid on and won for me when I was a teen - hehehe), cutesy pins (brooches) - especially cat pins, and books by favorite authors. I still have my African objects and instruments on display, but I'm not looking for additions, and I guess I still do collect snow & snowman ornaments. You might say I collect photo albums since I have so many, all filled with family photos!

The easiest thing for me to photograph will be the African stuff, so I'll try to do that this week.

BBC said...

Oops, I forgot, I collect snowglobes! We don't get enough snow down South. I miss the Midwestern blizzards of my youth.