Calling All Clutter Collectors!

Just to make things interesting, and to add motivation to my request in the previous post, I shall bestow awards for:

· Most unusual collection
· Heaviest
· Scariest
· Most likely to raise eyebrows
· Most colorful
· Least likely to be stolen
· Most fragile
· Most reflective of its owner

Have fun and be creative – there may be something that you don’t make a point to collect that would fit a category (like giant dustbunnies?). The deadline to submit photo(s) and description will be Independence Day, Friday, July 4th (by midnight). Email me at and submit as many collections as you would like!



Melissa said...

Hey Mel. Very cool idea - a contest! You know I'm not much of a clutter bug, though I have some small collections. However, none would fit into your unique categories! Well, maybe my giraffes, or the few cat pieces I have... we'll see!

Melissa said...

Hey Mel. I posted my entry in my blog... is that ok?