Hobbit Feet

Okay, okay, so this is a disgusting picture. Trust me when I say that it was much worse in person. Grime, cat and dog hair, several colors of lint, carpet fuzz, and I think there was about $1.45 in change for a while there. This picture was taken after climbing into bed unaware that my feet looked this way, and after a 15-minute shower the next morning, and after I finally noticed my feet and soaked them in nail polish remover.

How did this odd and unfortunate thing happen? Glad you asked. Victory Home had a fundraiser at Walmart, and I was responsible for the presentation boards and donation jars. After laying brown paper on the floor, I laid my printed-out sheets of paper and photos on the paper, facedown, and sprayed them with spray adhesive, one at a time, then placed the sheets on the presentation board. Evidently it wasn't wise to walk barefoot on the brown paper.

Hubby recommended WD-40.

I opted to scrape, peel and pull off what I could and then slip into the pool at the Y and let the chemicals do the rest. I've done worse in a pool (no, not in my adult life!). And thankfully it worked!

So, feet are back to normal, the fundraiser raised over $600, and I have an unused can of WD-40 ready for the next bizarre emergency.

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BBC said...

Oh my goodness, Melanie, that's soooo gross! I can't believe you admitted to crawling between the sheets with those feet! But it makes yet another hilarious story to blog about! LOL!