Finally! Drum roll please...

The Creative Clutter Collectors Contest is finally published. Go to: to view the eclectic display of clutter and collectibles. It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next event: Timber Awards for the best "falling down" stories. (We'll do that one in the fall.)

I got a little distracted from posting on my blog, with the contest in the works; but now that it's over, expect to see more exciting posts from the life of Melanie, starting with a black feet story (oh, the picture is something).

Thank you, oh wonderful clutter collectors! I had a great time checking out everyone's neat "stuff" (the hard part was getting it all posted; I'm kind of poky and it took forever).

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readmama said...

Just checked out your contest blog. Cool! Here's a copy of the comment I left there --

Great pictures, Melanie -- and a neat idea. When I tried to think of a collection I could enter, I came up with only three possibilities.

Pitchers -- this is the only "real" collection I have, and I don't know exactly *why* I have it. I had one pitcher I liked, and then people just started giving them to me. I actually hope one of my girls likes them and will take them some day.... ;-0

Books & Bookcases -- I have over 50 bookcases. In a house this size (not big) that must be a record of some sort. I'm sure we have thousands of books. And they are all categorized so nicely!

Mmmm.... Kids? -- Somehow quite a few of these have managed to find their way into my home and heart over the years...

Oh, yes, there's one more -- tell Bethany she's lucky I didn't enter **my** unmated sock collection. I know have over 200! Easily... ;-)

Also tell Bethany that Deedee has the same kind of journal collection AND the empty frames AND the flip-flop fascination. I really *am* going to get those two together. Blame me -- I keep forgetting to give Deedee Bethany's contact info... ;-(

I'm not sure if you'll see this comment here, so I think I'll post it to your regular blog.

More later -- Love,