I'll Stick With Checkers, Thank You

I thought that I could Hula Hoop
My hips are big enough
I used to have a kickin' swing
But now it's kinda tough

Belly gettin' in the way
Ooops, I hit a wall
But even though I'm not too hip
At least I didn't FALL!

(Yeah, that's me -
the one with the hoop around her ankles.)


Modemom said...

Don't ya just love the cool stuff we do at our family birthday parties? Glad I had enough sense not to attempt that. I couldn't even do it when I was young. Wait, I don't think the hula hoop had even been invented when I was young. Nope.

I love your new sidebar attractions--photos on the left and recipes on the right! Nice. xxxxoooo

BBC said...

Clever! I can't hula hoop either. I don't think I was good at it even when I had a small waist.

Oh wait! I am a master at arm hula-hooping! hehehe