Popcorn and Pigs

A snapshot of our home right this minute:

Hub: Singing “Billy, don’t be a hero….” (literally, just that phrase – it’s the only part of the song he knows) and popping corn in his new hot air popper. Last night was the first time he used it and we all stood around it mesmerized, as if we’d never seen one before. It was so exciting to watch the corn spinning around and finally beginning to tumble out of the machine…oooh, and the little block of butter melting in the top! Microwave popcorn has definitely lost its panache.

Little Bubba: One eye trained on “The Mummy Returns” and the other on her laptop. This is a perfect movie to watch with only one eye, since there are many creatures and insects and scary moments! But we’re trying to be more accommodating to Hubbie, who has patiently waded through Pride and Prejudice, The Sound of Music, and Enchanted.

Me: I’m eating applesauce without a spoon (not a pretty sight), one eye on the movie, and one in my new book “OLIVIA Forms a Band.” Olivia is my all-time favorite fictional pig. She beats Wilbur and Porky hands down.

A small bushy-tailed, shaven, snub-nosed dog lies across my legs. There is a hard-to-explain comfort in having that dog loll on me, even if my feet are falling asleep.

So, just a run-of-the-mill evening, but just what we need after a busy Sunday of singing, preaching, baptizing, napping (no, just in the afternoon!) and worshiping.

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BBC said...

Ack! I always hated that song, "Billy, Don't be a Hero." There were too many tearjerker songs written in the 70's!

If Mike wants the rest of the chorus, it goes like this:

Billy, don't be a hero
don't be a fool with your life.
Billy, don't be a hero
come back and make me your wife.
And as he started to go,
She said, Billy, keep your head low,
Billy, don't be a hero, come back to me.

No thanks are necessary. hehehe