Love, True Love

I'm pleased to report that the Victory Home client pulled through the night and is now expected to survive. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Now he has another chance - what will he do with it?

As I looked over last night's post, which was written just as we got the call that things looked bad, I realized that "Mick" didn't really fall into the category of one who was out there in the world searching - rather, God had placed him (more than once) smack in the middle of a safe place where could have His full attention.

But, Mick has to want it - no one can force feed the truth, as much as we often want to!

Change usually happens when the pain of staying the way you are becomes greater than the pain of change. (Can I get a hallelujah from the dieters out there!)

Some of us have to have a lot of pain to get to the point of being ready to give up trying to live life our own way. Some of us have hard heads!

The most difficult part for those who have loved ones who abuse drugs or alcohol is stepping back and letting them feel the pain that is necessary to get their attention. It's HARD to see those you care about suffer!

But if you love them, you'll let God do what He knows it takes to rescue them!

After all, He loves us more than we could possibly imagine.

And that includes Mick, whom God loves enough to offer a second chance at life. Amen.

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Modemom said...

Thank you, Lord.