Chicken Salad Surprise

We took a little time off yesterday. Thought we'd take Buddy across the river with us and find an outdoor cafe for lunch. FORGOT how fearful he is of the ferry - mainly the ramps and steps.

Big Little baby.

We did find a nice place to eat. Buddy was still a little nerved up so I slipped him bites of chicken salad and Little Bubba slipped him bites of hamburger, and I slipped him more bites of chicken salad, and last night I stepped in a big pile of chicken-salad-hamburger-puke on the kitchen floor.

I remember when Buddy was just a little thing and he ate everything that would fit in his mouth. He puked up some interesting things, including large quantities of beads and a big silver dolphin pendant.

Yesterday when we walked past the sewer manholes, Buddy shrank away every time, giving them a wide berth. How can a dog who dines at the Litter Box Cafe be repulsed by a simple sewer vapor?

Isn't God awesome to give us the earthy distraction of pets, to humor us when we need humor, and to love us when we need love?

And for a mug like Buddy's, I will happily step in puke any day. Believe me, it's not much worse than cornstarch toe gravy or spray adhesive!

(At least I didn't take a picture.)


Modemom said...

Ah, brings back the memory of one early morning when you and Mike were sleeping on our sleep sofa in the living room (lucky Beth had the guest room) and I had to go into the kitchen in the semi-dark and stepped in the "grass and cat food surprise" in my bare feet. Not once or twice, but three times I think. I finally heard you in the other room laughing your head off!!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

I have a vague memory of that! Melissa and Collin went to feed Nancy's cats one day and found a pile of puke with a dead mouse in the middle of it! It was so repulsive she had to ask a couple of Victory Home guys to come take care of it for her!

BBC said...

THANK YOU for not taking a puke picture, I don't care how many beads or dolphin jewelry is in it -- not something I want to see! LOL

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Yeah, BBC, there is an invisible line of blog propriety, I think! On a blog my daughter looked at, a woman sliced a couple of finger tips of with a lawnmower and documented every blood drop with her camera! Yikes!