By the Numbers

Two bikers and a jogger headed toward the river today.

We popped three cell phones into the bike basket, and six feet pedaled (and jogged) past the first of two marinas, with dozens of white boats in lined up, their masts bobbing in the calm water.

Crossed paths with a couple of fishermen, a handful of walkers, and two big poodles straining at their leashes (one white and one black).

Three huge brass ship propellers decorated the local park, where we wound past eight markers describing the history of the naval shipyard just ahead (founded in 1767!).

A battleship sat majestically in one of the dry docks, raised clear out of the water.

Two paddle wheel ferries shuttled pedestrians across the river.

And one mayor, in his sleek black convertible, window down, made his way slowly into the entrance of the parking garage.

Two bikers and a jogger enjoyed the scenes and sights of their unique city on a beautiful autumn day.

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