Grace Rains Down

What a wonderful day! Just a simple day, nothing profound, nothing exciting, but a day

arranging books at the thrift store (my favorite responsibility)

eating leftover pizza and ice cream (what could be better)

welcoming my hubby back home from an overnight conference (now maybe I can get some sleep)

taking a long nap on the sofa, with the wind howling outside (and Buddy periodically jolting me awake with a frenzied bark at a nonexistent threat)

leisurely preparing a supper of beef stroganoff and peas

laughing at a favorite TV program with the family, Buddy tormenting Kiki nearby.

Our Saturdays are usually frantically busy times of last-minute preparations for Sunday, long hours of work, and food on the run. Thanks to Hanna, who wasn't much more than wind gusts and drizzle, everything slowed down, some things shut down, and we had a good excuse to relax.

But the real thanks go to my loving Father, who keeps us under the shadow of His wing, providing


and rest

and all that we need

right when we need it.

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