Oil, Shmoil, Give Me Logs and a Match

In an old house like ours, heating is a problem.

We have an ancient oil furnace in the cellar, and boy, is it ornery. One oil repair man showed us where to smack it with a wrench to get it going (a la Ralphie Parker's old man).

Oil prices have jumped over a dollar a gallon since last season. We're talkin' bills that could go as high as $600 a month. And when that furnace stops working, thanks to 10-foot ceilings and no insulation, it takes less than an hour to start shivering!

So look what we purchased from the Victory Home thrift store:

It's the coolest old "parlor furnace!" Look how it glows, and it's not even burning! It has a marvelous glossy brown swirly sheen on it. And it's HEAVY. The man pulling it up the steps with a hand truck had to do some loud grunting to get the job done.

We hope to get it hooked up in the next couple of weeks. Of course, we have no idea how to use it.

We'll be picking brains and surfing the net - if you have any insight, let me know! (Dad, have no fear, we will have it professionally installed.)

Of course, if we don't use our oil furnace as much, it may not break down as much, and then we wouldn't get the pleasure of a visit from the oil man with the lazy eye and the big repair bill he takes such pleasure in writing. Winter won't be the same!


BBC said...

Oooh, I love vintage! That is the most gorgeous furnace I have ever seen. I hope it works!

MLT said...

Nice looking stove (furnace?)! Two things: Since your old house probably doesn't have lined chimneys, don't run the stove full blast. Chimney should be checked for any cracks and holes in the mortar inside the house if possible. And it must be vented into a separate flue or chimney from the oil furnace. That is standard regulation.

Modemom said...

What a great find! Can't wait to see it. xxxxoooo