Kojak Who?

Lexicon (lĕḱsĭ-kŏń): (n) a dictionary. A member of my family used that word to describe what he has to have on hand when he reads my blog. I had to look it up. In a dictionary. I really did.

But I do understand why my family members need to refer to a lexicon now and then. I’ve been known to use obscure references from time to time (I’m sure there’s someone outside my family who has NEVER HEARD OF KOJAK). So to help them out, I’ve developed a mini-lexicon of my own.

From the posts:
Where's My Cane? and Happy Birthday Melanie!

Sifnos: an idyllic Greek island in the Aegean Sea.

Idyllic: charmingly simple or rustic.

Charmingly simple: an extremely appealing thought for one whose life often feels uncharmingly complicated.

From the post:
Where's My Cane?

Kojak: a TV detective, known for his bald head.

That’s just how much hair I would have if I plucked out the gray.

Fibercon: a fiber pill or powder to relieve bloating constipation.

Wow, in print, that’s a little embarrassing.

From the post:
I Spy...

Punch Buggy: a car game generally played by young children in which participants hit each other upon sight of a Volkswagen Beetle.

We just yelled “Beetle” when I was a kid, but most people I know call out “Punch Buggy.” Good thing my sis didn’t know about the hitting part or I’d be dead now.

From the post:
Rain, Rain, Go Away

Roly-Poly Bug: A common nickname for a woodlouse. Found in damp places like under rocks.

If you search Google Images, there will be about 20,000 pictures that come up of little kids with palms open, holding the little curling creatures. I admit that if I were to hold one in my hand, and it were to wriggle, I’d probably let out a blood-curdling scream, too. How do I know? Been there, done that.

From the post:
Cupcake Teeth

Noogie: Sometimes called a Dutch Rub, Monkey Scrub or Russian Haircut, noogies are performed by placing the victim in a headlock and using the middle knuckles of the fore and middle fingers to cause friction by rubbing them across the surface of the skull quickly and firmly.

I’m not certain that we gave Little Brother noogies per se, but I’m sure there were comparable pranks he endured at our hands – we took seriously our position as older, in-charge sisters!

From one of the pictures on the left:

DD: Blog lingo for Dear Daughter. There’s also DS, DH, and DSCOR (Dear Second Cousin Once Removed)

Dad and I may be the only people on the planet that can explain a second cousin once removed. I won’t bore you with it here. But I COULD do it. Dad trained me well.

A family member also questioned the strange BLOG NICKNAME I gave my daughter. We don't actually call her that in person. Well, not very often, anyway. It was a security measure to avoid using her real name. Really, it’s a formality, since her name is all over her own blog, which is linked to mine. But I feel like I should at least attempt to be prudent, so when I began my blog, I nicknamed nearly everyone but myself.

Now BUBBA does have pretty strong connotations, conjuring up images of brawny (or flabby) redneck men with strong country accents.

And Little Bubba doesn’t really look much like that.

Or talk much like that.

I’m not sure how we all ended up calling each other some form of Bubba, especially since we’re essentially northerners. But I had an EPIPHANY.

Maybe it's time to give Little Bubba a new nickname that is softer, prettier, more ladylike. My mind is already jammed full of a zillion useless things to ponder, so I’d like YOU to do the work!

Leave a comment with your suggested nickname (you can just put the name itself in the comment, plus a way to contact you if one doesn’t automatically show up) and I will pick a winner next Sunday evening. You may enter as many times as you would like. You may not know Little Bubba personally, but give it a shot anyway. It’ll be fun!

What will you win? Hmm…what do I have around the house that I’d like to get rid of? Ok, you will win an unusual book ( I have a lot of them lying around) PLUS some really yummy chocolate. (If you live far, far away, and are concerned that the chocolate will melt, I’ll substitute something else yummy that doesn’t melt.) AND I’ll throw in a tube of good-smelling Bath & Body Works lotion (if you’re a man, it makes a good gift!).

How’s that for incentive? I may have to enter a few times myself. And folks, keep the lexicon nearby, I’m not quite ready to eschew obfuscation.


BBC said...

I have to brag that I understood nearly all those words. Who hasn't heard of the Tootsie-pop loving Kojak or giving little brother noogies??? (Not familiar with fibercon, however...)

I haven't met "Little Bubba" but "Ladybug" popped into my head as a cute and feminine nickname.
So "B," how does that strike you?

modemom said...

If you were to stick with bloggy shortcut double letters such as DD, DS, etc., how about something alliterative like BB for the shortcut, which would avoid the unladylike southern "Bubba" and would stand for southern Belle; ergo "Belle Beth." Afterall, she was born and bred in the south even though her family on both sides are northerners. And "Belle" means beautiful, which she is both inside and out! Here's to the beautiful Southern Belle, Bethany!! (Or Beloved Beth...or, Brainy Beth)

Little Bubba said...

My suggestions:

"The Most Beautiful"

"Her Gracefulness"

"The Best Dressed"


"Peculiar Treasure"

"Sweet Britches"

"Simply the best..for less"

"Bringer of Great Joy"

That's all for now..I'll probably be back, though.

Melissa Smith said...

First, I must defend "Bubba" as a nickname. I have been calling Collin that since he was very little... It would be interesting to find out where it originated, if it's even southern. It very well could be British slang! LOL.

Ok. Here are a few starter suggestions for Bethany:

Flutter bug (you know that thing she does with her eyes so effortlessly?)

Princess B (it's not original, I know, but come on, she's a female only child... we have a "princess" complex without trying. LOL.)

Beth ABO (Anything But Ordinary)

Jane Austen (lol)

I'll be back (hee-hee).

MLT said...

Again your blog is a riot! As for a new nickname, how about her e-mail name of "dragonfly" as in the Dragon Lady comics of years gone by. But perhaps that is too dark.
How about "Li'l Butterfly"? No, I guess that fits your brother's little girl better, 'cause at her age she's a real flitter! Then there's always Queen Bess, you know, as in Elizabeth the 1st, but you're the queen and she's the princess. Hey,that sparked
"Princess B"! With that I better
give up!