Flushed With Excitement

Yesterday we heard the sweet call of our beds, and our kitty, and our new bathroom (yay!) and instead of meandering home we flew home in record time.

Another big reason was the thought of spending another night in a hotel room with Buddy. I hated to have to kill him.

How exciting to come home to a new bathroom, after waiting such a long time - for six years I've been bouncing on the edge of the bed in the mornings, waiting for my turn in our only bathroom.

This is what we started with (ages ago) - an under-stairs closet:

When we left town last week, it looked like this:

And (drumroll, please) here is the result, thanks to our wonderful Victory Home crew:

I'm tinkled pink!

(Oops, I gave Little Bubba the hiccups with that one.)


Modemom said...

Oh, so pretty!

The Best Daughter In The Whole Round World :P said...

To tell the truth, (oo I'm good) I was laughing most at your reaction.. you're always funny to watch when you say something witty, etc, since its so rare..and you're always so proud of yourself..you just crack yourself up :P lol.