Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Hallelujah! Buddy slept all night and so did we. Unfortunately for us, he also slept all day.

My mom's been busy doing arty things this week. Here's the adorable winter tree that she just finished. The picture doesn't do it justice - the felt is glittery and there are little glassy beads sewn all over it. I love it!

We're heading out of South Carolina tomorrow. We plan to meander back to Virginia, following the route of the least rain. I'm ready to see the sun!

Well, I guess it's time to wake Buddy up and go to bed. Time to switch off the phony-baloney-plastic-banana who's on TV yapping socialism from his Greek temple. Time to talk with my heavenly Father, who, thankfully, holds this world, and our lives, firmly in His hands. Without that knowledge, I'd never get any sleep.


Modemom said...

Traveling mercies and thanks for a wonderful week! Hope everyone "gets" your eloquent political references and has the same assurance of God's strong hands keeping us safe and at peace. xxxxxooooo

P.S. I just finished the last chocolate cupcake and, believe it or not, just saw the swan from Swan Lake soar again! (Sorry folks for the personal references.)

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Wow, did you see it on the internet or the TV? I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. XXXOOO back to you!

Melissa Smith said...

Glad you guys are back safely... and hope you guys will be catching up on some shut-eye!